Casting call goes out for movie to be filmed entirely in New Hampshire

Parallel America Auditions Laconia
Auditions are being held for Academy Award winner Ernest Thompson’s new film “Parallel America” in Portsmouth Saturday and Manchester Sunday. (Facebook)

By Kimberley Haas, Union Leader

PORTSMOUTH, NH — This is your chance to be a movie star without having to move to Los Angeles.

Auditions for Ernest Thompson’s new film will be held Saturday in Portsmouth and Sunday in Manchester.

“Parallel America” is about three Vietnam-era college friends who reunite 50 years later when one of them is running for Congress while serving as a conservative mayor of Portsmouth. The two others see it as a last opportunity to effect change in turbulent times.

Thompson says although it has a political premise, the film transcends politics.

“I call it a movie for everybody because it is intergenerational,” Thompson said Wednesday afternoon.

Thompson is best known as the author of “On Golden Pond,” a play he wrote at the age of 28 which went on to become a hit film in 1981. It starred Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda.

Thompson won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, as well as awards from the Golden Globes and Writers Guild of America.

“Parallel America” will be shot entirely in New Hampshire from Sept. 15 to Oct. 14. Thompson said he has spoken with Gov. Chris Sununu about ways to attract more movie productions to the state and plans to film the straight-to-screen sequel to “On Golden Pond” here in 2019.

There are seven female and 12 male roles being cast for “Parallel America,” including those of Belinda, a U.S. representative from New Hampshire; Flip, a nerdy campaign worker; Gib, a slick and self-assured businessman; and Grebe, an older crusty New Hampshire local with a strong accent.

Actors do not need to be unionized to be part of the production, Thompson said.

Crew members, singers and background extras are also needed for the movie.

Interested individuals should email for an audition time slot. Auditions are being held at the Holiday Inn in Portsmouth Saturday and the Courtyard Marriott in Manchester Sunday.

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