Parallel America


To everyone who has reached out to us in the past few weeks, auditioned for PARALLEL AMERICA, or discussed being part of our crew and volunteer support team, thank you. All of your names are in our database.

We have received an overwhelming response and are working hard to put all of the pieces in place, but we still need to raise additional funds to begin filming. If you’d like to help us make that happen, please click here to visit our GoFundMe page and share it with anyone and everyone you think might be interested in this unique opportunity.

If you auditioned for a particular role, first of all, please know how impressed Mr. Thompson was with the wide range of work we were privileged to experience. Because of our delay in commencement of principle photography, not all roles have yet been filled; please bear with us. In some cases, Mr. Thompson may want to see you again; in others, when our final decisions have been made, we hope you’ll still consider being part of the PARALLEL AMERICA family.

If you interviewed or sent your qualifications to be a crew member, we are still in the process of staffing this movie. When we have a better fix on our budget and our shooting schedule, we will circle back to you folks, as well. We are gratified by the enthusiasm expressed and sincerely hope to include as many of you as possible.

For those of you who have stated a desire to be extras in the movie, we intend to use you all! When we are locked into our locations, by region in New Hampshire, we will reach out to you with specific information about where and when.

Instead of emailing and calling, we strongly recommend you join us on Facebook and/or Instagram for the latest details, unless you are not in our system, then please write to us here. We are a small operation, with limited personnel at this juncture, and so our response time is limited.

What an honor it is for us to promote filmmaking in our beautiful state of New Hampshire and to showcase the extraordinary talent and commitment of our amazing film community.

We appreciate your patience during this exciting time and look forward to working with all of you in some capacity. See you on the set!